Laser engraving and cut & Digital cut


By purchasing the laser  machine we can reach  the highest level of  precision at cutting out as well as at laser marking what enables the best quality of the final product. Due to the fact that the machine capacity is so large we expanded our offer to laser engraving and laser cut of materials as leather, carton, textile, metall, wood and glass.

The laser machine, which is computer controled offers you :

-the highest quality level of material cut

-durability of engraving product

-prompt production
 Laser machine characteristic :

capacity : 150 W

working area : 2700 x 4000 mm




We also expanded our offer by purchasing the digital cutter, which enabled the high-speed cutting and marking of the various materials with the flowband.
Very precisely we can cut materials such as textile, leather, foam, pvc, carton, ...

Digital cutter characteristics:

Cutting accuracy: 0.1 mm

Maximum cutting thickness: 30 mm

Working area: 2100 x 4500 mm


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